( WOW App Offer) 美滴樂 -S (多用途配方 ) 500 毫升. Medilox -S (Multi-Purpose) 500 ml

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產品名稱:美滴樂 -S ( 多用途配方 )


生產商:Soosan CMC

容量:500 毫升

適用年齡 : 12個月以上小孩及成人

成份:水,次氯酸 50 ~ 80 ppm,氯化鈉。(100% 不含酒精成分)含氯消毒劑

用途:消毒殺菌 (不可直接飲用)



注意事項:為達至最佳消毒效果, 不要將本產品加以浠釋建議先清潔或抹乾需消毒物件的表面, 如:液體或油脂



認證:美國 FDA 一級證書、韓國 FDA證書、中國FDA 證書、通過毒理安全測試、歐盟2B級消毒規格證書。


Product Name: Medilox -S (Multi-purpose formulation)

Brand: Medilox

Manufacturer: Soosan CMC

Volume: 500 ml

Suitable age: 12 months older child and adult

Purpose: Sanitize

Ingredient: Water, Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) 50 ~ 70 ppm, Sodium Chloride. (100% non-alcohol)

Apply to areas: personal belongings and household objects (Eg., table, kitchen top, toilet, shoe rack, floor, bed, etc...) , not harmful to skin and eyes.

Direction: Spray on objects, wait for 30 sec. before drying with tissue or dry cloth.

Important note: In order to achieve the optimal disinfection efficacy, do not dilute this product. It is recommended to clean or dry the surfaces of the object to be sanitized, such as any liquid or grease.

Product shelf life: 18 months from manufacture date

Country of Origin: Korea

Certificate: US FDA Class 1, Korea FDA, China FDA, Toxicology Review Assessment, CE Class IIB in Sanitize

Effective on virus and bacteria: Coronavirus, Coxsackie Virus (Hand Foot Mouth Disease), Influenza, Measles, Salmonella, Escherichia Coli., MRSA, Bacillus Subtilis (spore form), for more information on regarding the bactericidal power of Medilox, feel free to contact us to find out more or refer to Medilox vs germs testing report.

 Text - 美滴樂 -S (多用途配方 ) 500 毫升. Medilox -S (Multi-Purpose) 500 ml

 Text - 美滴樂 -S (多用途配方 ) 500 毫升. Medilox -S (Multi-Purpose) 500 ml