Q1) Is Medilox ready to use? Do I need to dilute the product with water before using it?

A: Medilox is ready to use from the bottle, DO NOT dilute or mix with other liquid.


Q2) Is Medilox same as Bleach?

A) They are not the same! The active ingredient in Medilox is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO).


Q3) So what are the difference of Medilox (HOCl) and Bleach (NaClO)?

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Q4) Why Medilox (HOCl) smells like bleach?

A) Medilox (HOCl) and bleach (NaClO) both contain Chlorine (Cl). The smell most people recognize from bleach is actually the smell of Chlorine, just like tape water there is Chlorine smells too. Medilox is therefore safe and different from bleach.


Q5) Is Medilox safe to spray on skin?

A) Medilox has passed skin irritation simulation tests that show Medilox is not harmful to skin.


Q6) How many ppm of HOCl in Medilox?

A) The HOCl ppm in Medilox-S (Multi-purpose) & Medilox-P (Pet) formula is 50~70 ppm, and for Medilox-B (Baby formulation) is 40 ppm.


Q7) Does Medilox contain enough HOCl to eliminate germs and virus?

A) There are many rumours that for viruses such as coronavirus, products need to contain at least 250 ppm of HOCl in order to effectively kill germs. We DO NOT agree to this false statement. According to “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Guangdong Province” the effective sanitize agent needs to contain 250 ~ 500 mg/liter (ppm)ofChlorine to prevent or kill Coronavirus. Since HOCl has 80 times more sanitizing efficacy than Chlorine, and if the assumption is correct then it only takes less than 3~4 ppm of HOCl to kill Coronavirus, however that is just Chemistry textbook theory. In reality, we must analyse this at a microbiological level, Medilox has been submitted to laboratories for virus eliminating tests and the test reports show that in just 30 seconds, Medilox can successfully kill Coronavirus, influenza A, and other viruses and germs. For more information, please refer to our “What is in Medilox and Reports” page.


Q8) What kind of bottle can use store Medilox?

A) Any kind of resin is fine to store Medilox, as long as the bottle is in solid color. Light, UV and heat can destabilize Chlorine element and reduce the shelf life of Medilox.

Tip: If you only have transparent bottle on hand, you can fill it up with Medilox and wrap the bottle completely with tissue paper to prevent UV and light.


Q9) Can Medilox be used on G6PD carrier?

A) Medilox is no harm to G6PD carrier.


Q10) Can Medilox be used on your skin, such as hand or face?

A) Medilox and the manufacturer “SOOSAN CMC.” are both certified by USFDA, KFDA and CFDA and is assured to be safe for humans. Medilox is no harm to human skin, eyes and is not toxic when consumed in a small amount, thus also safe to be used to sanitize food utensils.


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